Initial consultation – $100, 40-50minutes

Standard consultation – $85, 30minutes

Initial consultation / 2 or more areas – $120, 1 hour

Standard consultation / 2 or more areas – $105, 40-50minutes

* please let our physiotherapist know if you require long consultation/treatment for 2 or more pain areas.

*If you have a Private Health Insurance card, bring it with you so we can claim electronically through Hicaps machine.


Work-related injuries can be billed directly to your employer’s workers compensation insurers. You will need a WorkCover referral from your doctor.

Motor vehicle accident – CTP

Call your insurer for permission to commence initial consultation. We will bill them directly once your claim
number has been approved.

Medicare/ EPC (Enhanced Primary Care)

This is for patients with chronic health problems or patients who need to see multiple care providers.
A maximum of 5 physiotherapy treatments within one calendar year is allowed. You will need a EPC referral letter from your doctor.


Shock wave therapy

What is shock wave therapy?

Currently, Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopaedic, physiotherapy and sports medicine because its main assets are fast pain relief and mobility restoration.
Shock wave is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful points and musculoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions.
This energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of bones, tendons, and other soft tissues.

– Jumper’s/ Runner’s knee
– Osteoarthritis
– Shoulder pain
– Back pain
– Tennis elbow
– Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
– Chronic Tendinopathy
– Calcification
– Hip pain (trochanteric bursitis)



How is you low back pain impacting your life?

Ultimate Performance Physiotherapy is committed to helping you effectively manage your low back pain. We understand that each person’s back pain is as unique as their fingerprint and have therefore embraced this new technology, ViMove. With this state of the art device, we can help you manage your low back pain through comprehensive assessment of your own movements, postures and muscle activity.

What is ViMove?

iMove, developed by dorsaVi, was created and developed in Melbourne. It utilizes wireless accelerometry and electromyography (EMG) sensors , which are attached to your lower back (lumbar region). These sensors allow accurate and objective measurement of movements and muscle activities in the lower back in real-time, essentially removing the guesswork from clinical assessments.
For the clinicians, this opens up therapeutic options in pain management, occupational health, and sport and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. More importantly for you, this means that your clinician can better understand the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your personal back pain.

Dry needling

The process of dry needling involves a sterile single – use stainless needle being gently inserted into the painful part of the muscle (the trigger point). The needle is then gently manipulated, which may produce a slightly painful “twitch response”in the muscle. After a short period the needle is then removed. The benefits of dry needling are to relax or release the muscle with the aim of permanently reducing the associated pain and restoring muscle function.

Dry needling is a very safe and relaxing process.
In some cases, a needle being inserted into a trigger point muscle can create a slight ache but many patients do not feel the needles being inserted at all.
After a dry needling session, patients might feel a little tired but there are no lingering effects and most people are able to continue with their daily activities.


Manual therapy

How is you low back pain impacting your life?

Manual Therapy may include mobilization and / or manipulation of joints, as well as stretching or massage of soft tissues including muscles and nerve structures. The effects of manual therapy can include: pain-relief, increased joint range of movement, increased soft tissue flexibility, relaxation, decreased inflammation, facilitation of tissue repair and restoration of normal function.
This form of treatment would be appropriate for people with any type of pain, particularly in the back or neck, or who have decreased range of movement or stiffness in any joint. Headache would also be successfully treated with manual therapy.

– Joint mobilization/manipulation
– Mulligan manual therapy
(mobilization with movement)
– Nerve/neural tissue mobilization


Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound is applied using the head of an ultrasound probe that is placed in direct contact with your injured area via a transmission gel.
Effects of Therapeutic ultrasound has been shown:
– increasing soft tissue/ bone fracture healing
– increasing soft tissue relaxation
– reducing chronic inflammation
The most common conditions treated with ultrasound include soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis, ligament injury and muscle spasm.tired but there are no lingering effects and most people are able to continue with their daily activities.


Interferential therapy

Interferential therapy is a type of TENS
(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which has two alternating currents that are applied to the skin. I nterferential machines are set a low – medium frequency current with controls to adjust strength of the current and the type of nerve stimulation required. Four electrode pads are applied around painful area with two alternating currents intersect in between the pads and the result of the interconnecting currents is a a beat frequency which has the desired effect of either stimulating muscle contraction (when the beat frequency is low) or achieving pain relief (when the beat frequency is higher).

The are 4 main benefits of Interferential therapy:
-Pain relief by facilitating the release of endorphins (pain relieving chemicals) into the body.
– Muscle stimulation to help weak muscle regain its function
– Increased local blood flow to facilitate healing process
– Reduction of oedema/swelling by removing inflammatory toxins


Exercise program

Our physiotherapist is an expert in diagnosis of injury and prescription of exercise program to aid recovery of patient injury. On assessment, muscle imbalance can be found around injured area. Based on level of fitness and assessment findings , we prescribe variety of exercises which can be done easily at your home. Exercise rehabilitation program is used effectively in helping injured workers return to the workplace, people suffering from osteoarthritis and people recovering from orthopaedic surgery especially total knee replacement.

Structured exercise rehabilitation programs are also highly effective for people:
– in need of long term orthopaedic rehabilitation
– Acute/Chronic neck and back problems after Motor Vehicle or Work Related injuries
– sport injuries where they need to rebuild the muscles around the injured joints/ligament/ cartilage

We prescribe:
– Flexibility exercise
– Resistance/strength exercise
– Core stability exercise
– Posture correction exercise
– Functional/ work related exercise
– Post operative rehabilitation exercise